New Year, Same old house? Some easy and inexpensive updates for the new year!

So it is 2013! New Years is one of our favorite holidays! It is always a time for resolutions. Have you made one this year regarding your home? Worried you won't have the budget? Here are a few easy and inexpensive improvements!

1. Crown molding: There are few things that can upgrade a room other than crown molding. Many people are worried that crown installation will break the bank. Wood crown molding is actually very affordable and can usually be installed without painting the whole room. An average living room runs $500-800 including molding, installation, and painting! Plus, there are many options for molding styles. 95 Job_Pics 005

2. Tile backsplash: Tired of trying to clean tomato sauce off the walls by your stove? Kitchen just looking old and outdated? How about installing a nice glass tile, subway tile, or mosaic tile backsplash! Standard installation runs $600-1200 plus the tile.

3. For the kids' room: Do your kids like to write on the walls? Do they forget to do their chores? How about painting a wall with

chalkboard or whiteboard paint? Usually only a few hundred or less and really a fun way to change a room!

4. Does your fireplace look boring? Mantel didn't hold the stocking well? Try a new mantelpiece or fireplace surround. A customer made mantel and/or fireplace surround can usually be installed for under $1000 including materials.


These are just a few ideas to get you started for 2013! Feel free to email us for a free estimate or consultation!

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