It’s Time to Think About Exterior Painting

If exterior painting is on your home improvement list this year, now is the time to schedule an estimate!


Exterior painting should ideally be tackled during dry weather and before the summer humidity sets in. By scheduling your estimate early, we will be ready to start your project when the weather improves and it will be finished before the summer season starts so you can enjoy the view of your freshly painted home while outside on your deck or in your yard.

Speaking of decks, did you know we also offer power washing, staining, and painting services for decks and wooden playsets? Let Beautiful Home Services give your deck a facelift and take care of your exterior painting so you can have a worry-free summer season.

Lastly, if there are areas on the exterior of your home where water has collected, rotting the wood trim on windows, columns, and door frames, we can fix that as well. Replacing rotting wood areas with PVC while painting the exterior of your home alleviates the need to revisit the issue in the future as PVC does not rot and holds paint better than wood trims.
Believe it or not, it is time to get started on those exterior projects! Call us at 888-724-6810 to schedule a free estimate.

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