Is it time for a kitchen remodel?

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a relaxing meal with friends and family!  Now it's December and that means pot lucks, holiday parties, and hopefully spending more time with the people dearest to you. During these busy last few weeks of the year, take a moment to consider how your entertaining, holiday baking, or meal preparation and cooking could be easier next year.


Are your counter tops cluttered with items that could be stored out of the way if only you had more cabinets? Do you long for a dishwasher to make cleaning up after hosting family and friends easier? A bigger refrigerator for leftovers - or to keep enough food on hand for your teenager during winter break? Do you love to cook as a family but find that you constantly bump into each other as you're working?  What if your kitchen was open to the family room so you could be part of the gathering even as you prepared the meal?



Maybe you need to reconfigure your space to improve the flow of your kitchen, add a new or larger appliance, or open the room to the rest of the house. Or, maybe your kitchen just needs a face lift - new flooring, add a tile back splash, a fresh coat of paint, new cabinets and appliances. Either way, Beautiful Home Services can help solve your kitchen problems.



Think about how much more you could enjoy your home, your guests, and the holidays next year with a remodeled kitchen, then call us at 888-724-6810 for a free estimate so we can start making your kitchen dreams come true.


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