Frequently Asked Questions About Our Painting Services


What type of services does your company provide? 

We are a painting, drywall, carpentry, and remodeling contractor. We feel that it is better to do a few things better than anyone else. Here is a list of our services:

• Exterior Painting
Wood trim, brick, siding (including wood, aluminum/vinyl, hardy board, etc), metal, concrete floors and foundations, and other exterior surfaces.
• Decks
We power wash decks using anti-mildew pre-treatment and apply stain or clear coat finishes. We do minor repair work on decks including board replacement.
• Staining
We stain front doors, wood railings, wood siding, concrete floor staining, etc.
• Rotten wood replacement
Includes window frames/mouldings, door frames/mouldings, fascia boards, souffits, wood siding, etc. We also use PVC composite trim boards and composite mouldings (at additional cost).
• Interior painting
We specialize in custom colors and designs. We offer color consultations.
• Interior moulding installation
Including crown moulding, chair rail, base boards, wainscoting, shadow boxes, interior door/frames, and other custom mouldings as seen in many designer magazines. We can also build customer built in bookshelves.
• Drywall
Installation/repair including hanging drywall (1-1000 sheets), finishing (tape/block/skim/point-up), repair (remove/replace damaged drywall), etc.
• Ceramic tile
We install ceramic tile in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, wash rooms, basements, and any other area.
• Bathrooms
We install ceramic tile floors and shower. We also remove/install new vanities and other bathroom remodeling. We can completely guy your bathroom and rebuilt it into a bathroom-palace!
• Kitchen
We install ceramic tile floors and backsplashes. We do not do cabinetry.
•Handyman Services

We can replacing existing light fixtures and ceiling fans, replace lock hardware and hinges, replacing faucets and repairing running toilets, changing plugs and switches, hanging pictures, shelves, and mirrors, assembling furniture (Ikea, etc) or Grills, caulking and molding replacement, install closet maid or similar shelving systems, install shower doors

What Brand Of Paint Do You Use?

For exteriors, we use Sherwin-Williams Duration exterior latex. Duration is an excellent self-priming coating that can be used on a wide range of surfaces and it is thicker

 than most exterior paints. We will also use Benjamin Moore or McCormick exterior latex. If you are concerned about matching paint colors, you shouldn't be. We have never had a problem matching exterior colors from another manufacture to either of these brands. We have no problem match HOA specifications to these products. For interiors, we prefer to us either Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or McCormick do to the quality of the products and the consistency of their colors. We can match ANY paint color to any of these brands. We can also match paint colors to colors on rugs, sofas, paintings, or other items to help you achieve your design goals. We will use other paint manufacturers upon your request; however, paint coverage may vary and some exterior brands will void our warranty. We are flexible, but we will not sacrifice quality! We also offer color consultations to help you pick the perfect colors.

Who Will Be Working On My Home?

Beautiful Home Services, LLC only hires qualified, experienced painters. We do not use "day laborers" in any way, shape, or form. Each crew is headed by a foreman who is in charge of the other members of the crew (between 1-8 painters, depending on job size, most crews are 3 including foreman). Quality is our focus and we couldn't achieve industry superior quality without carefully picking our painters.

 When Will The Work Begin? What Hours Do Your Painters Work?

Depending on job size and weather, our jobs usually start between a week and a half and three weeks after the deposit and signing of the contract. A pillar of good customer service

is following through. Your time is extremely important to us and we do our best to make sure our crews on time. If, for reasons beyond our control, we are going to be late, you will receive a timely phone call. Our regular working hours are 8am to 5-6pm. These hours are dependent on weather and job conditions. For example, if our crew finishes an area late in the day, they may leave the site early rather than start a new section. Conversely, if a crew only needs an extra hour or two to finish a job, they may stay late. We are extremely flexible and can work around your schedule as needed and will also keep you abreast of our progress.

Aren’t All Home Improvement Contractors Created Equal?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Because of the relative easy of entry into the painting and home improvement industry, there are many companies of various shapes and sizes

competing for your business. Beautiful Home Services, LLC is licensed and insured. In order to be licensed, a contractor must prove competency within the industry, financial means to support the business and its obligations and maintain insurance. Make sure whomever you hire is licensed! In Maryland and Virginia, it is the law that any contractor performing home improvement work, no matter the size of the project, carries a license. If you work with an unlicensed contractor, you are taking a major risk with your home. We carry $2 million dollars in liability insurance covering Beautiful Home Services, LLC and anyone working for or as an agent of the company and also $500,000 in workers compensation insurance. We use only top of the line paints and materials. Also, we take extra time in our surface preparation, which is the most important aspect of every project. Many companies can offer lower prices by skimping on preparation time and materials. This will only lead to poor quality and possibly failure. All contractors are not created equal. Hold our proposal up to our competitors, call their references (if they don't give you reference, ask why!), call our references; we are confident you will realize we are the best value and the obvious choice.

Why should I give Beautiful Home Services, LLC my business?

Beautiful Home Services, LLC's mission is to provide superior customer service and exceptional quality to our customers. We want to change the image and expectations that people have of contractors. We achieve this in many ways.[EXPAND Read More ...]The co-owner of Beautiful Home Services, LLC, Craig, is the President of Operations and Customer Service. His whole job is to make sure your job is done correctly, efficiently, and beyond your expectations. He visits every job site multiple times a day to make sure the job is being done properly and heads off problems before they occur. He keeps our production efficient and our quality unmatched. Further, we are extremely selective about the painters we select to work for our company. Most of our painters have been with us for many years; therefore we know their strengths and weaknesses and can pair your job up with the best crew. Newer crews are screened for quality to make sure they will fit our mission. We use only the best products and materials for your home. We are a large company and can get great prices from any company. Therefore, we use the products we consider the best, not what is necessarily cheapest. Why would you use sub-par materials on your biggest investment? Finally, we thrive off of reference and happy customers. Our business is built on references and we have found that there are few better feelings than having a customer tell us that we did an amazing job and that they will recommend us to their friends. If you don't believe us, call our references! They are our biggest fans.

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