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Over the years we’ve carved out quite a reputation for our high-end painting, drywall, and carpentry work, so not surprisingly it didn’t take long before our clients began requesting something else – our famous make-overs.

Typically employed in basements and bathrooms that have grown outdated and dark, we like to think of our make-overs as the most affordable way of getting exactly what you want, a beautiful and bright new space, without the expense and disruption of a full-scale remodel that requires demolition and significant investment on your part.

How do we do it? Well, we recognize that in most cases, bathrooms that look run down and worn are really in need of nothing more than fresh tile, a new sink, and a high-end paint job to bring them back to life.

As for the basement, the results can be even more dramatic as we tear down old paneling, cover exposed ceiling joists where applicable, and then replace with crisp drywall, designer quality moulding, and fresh coats of high-quality paint.

Another space brought back to life, and all at a fraction of the cost associated with major remodeling – the Beautiful Home Make-Over strikes again!

If you’re interested in a make-over for your basement or a bathroom in your home, just contact us here and we’ll be happy to arrange a time to stop by and evaluate your space.

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