2020 Bathroom Trends

Like any other trend, bathroom design trends come and go; it is always recommended to choose a design style that you enjoy when remodeling any space in your home. With that in mind, here are some current trends in bathroom design for your consideration…


Not just for high-end homes anymore. The smaller scale of most bathrooms means that marble accents, like vanity tops, accent walls, or shower floors and/or walls can be affordable.

Bold colors

Moody, dark wall colors (think navy blue, emerald green, even black) are showing up in more and more homes – remember paint is easy to change!

Non-Traditional mirrors

Oversized mirrors and mirrors in geometric or asymmetrical shapes are an interesting focal point, and again, relatively easy to switch out if your taste changes.


Subway tiles in colors other than white, patterned tiles, colored grout, and uniquely shaped tiles (scalloped, hexagon, textured, etc.) are all on-trend, keep in mind though, textured tile can be more difficult to clean, which is an important consideration in a bathroom.


Hidden or linear drains are increasingly popular. These can be incorporated into the design of the shower (particularly linear drains that match other hardware finishes – see below) or designed to be overlooked completely.
Linear Drain

Dark hardware

Matte black and pewter are becoming popular choices for faucets, showerheads, and other bathroom hardware. These are less likely to become “dated” than other trendy finishes like rose gold and polished brass.

Tankless toilets

For a sleek look and water conservation.

Freestanding tubs

No surprise here, freestanding tubs have been increasing in popularity for several years. These tubs come in as many styles as there are bathrooms – oversized, compact, curvy, sleek, white, bold colors, etc. – and in a variety of materials from cast iron to copper.

Spa-like retreats

Neutral colors, minimalist décor, natural materials like wood and stone all contribute to a Zen experience.

High tech

Smart showerheads, in-shower LED lighting, built-in speakers, voice command or digital controls, self-cleaning toilets, defogging mirrors, etc. The amount of tech being created for bathrooms is staggering. Consider which features will truly add to your enjoyment of the space as these elements can add up fast.
Digital Control for Steam Shower and Shower Ledge

Shower ledges vs. niches

Ledges serve as both a bench for sitting or shaving and as a shelf for shower essentials, some homeowners are choosing to add a long ledge (either the length or width of the shower) rather than shower boxes or niches.


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